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Always try to do something nice with your significant other, best-friend or the one that means the most to you. Sure, the lovers’ holiday is more commercial than ever, but it’s still an opportunity to show someone how much you care. The best way to spend Valentine’s Day is staying at home. Forget about over-priced and crowded restaurants! Cook dinner yourself for a much more intimate evening. Here are some Valentine’s Day dinner ideas to get you started. We’re pretty sure you’ll put together a memorable meal, especially if you cook for someone you love. Start the Evening With a Banger The best way to start an intimate dinner party is with a thoughtful cocktail or a glass of wine, even before you take a seat at the table. Aperitifs are fun ways to get the conversation going, as you and your significant other relax a bit. Complement your pre-dinner drink with something light but tasty to eat. Finger food is sexy, and it can get your appetite going. Dry-cured meats and cheese are popular alternatives; think of a charcuterie board. Still, you can serve something more adventurous like panko-crusted shrimp or asparagus wrapped in prosciutto! Cook As a Couple If you’re having dinner for two at home, you want to spend the most time possible with your guest, and that means you should cook dinner together! Cooking is fun and a little mischievous, you’re all close with than other person chopping, pealing and braising stuff. That’s hot! Don’t plan a complicated menu, of course, keep it simple. What matters here is having a good time; you’re not in a cooking competition! End On a Sweet Note Of course, you can’t miss dessert, and you can just buy this one. Visit your local bakery and get something nice. Valentine’s Day desserts are a great way to end the evening, and they can open the opportunity to longer conversations extending to the small hours. Chocolate is hands down the most compatible sweet treat for Valentine’s Day, but red velvet is also a great alternative. Of course, fresh strawberries can really set the mood for a special evening. While You’re at it, consider having a bottle of dessert wine in the fridge. These sweet libations are indulgent and exciting. The sweetest wines are a dessert in their own right! Pick Something Up. No Valentine’s dinner is complete without exchanging gifts, and here’s where you can get creative. Whether you’re having dinner with your spouse or you’re just dating a new friend, gifts show you care. Forget about jewelry and flowers. Today, gifts are supposed to mean something — food gifts boxes, fun little kitchen gadgets and sweet treats are the most popular Valentine’s gifts these days, and it’s easy to see why. They’re more than a gift; they’re experiences! We wish you a happy Valentine’s Day! As they say, “When you trip over love, you can still get up. But when you fall in love, you will fall forever.”


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