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Spring is near, and that means enjoying the sunshine. It might still be a bit chilly, but nothing should stop us from enjoying some outdoor playtime with friends and family. Do you know what makes spring so much fun? Cocktails, of course! Cocktails are colorful libations that just make every get-together better. And although they often look stunning, they’re actually easy to make at home. Most of the time, you don’t even need special equipment. Here are five spring cocktails to make at home. We promise these are as thirst-quenching as they are tasty! 1. The Pomegranate Moscow Mule The Moscow Mule is a minty & ginger concoction from New York, it makes the most of fresh mint leaves, ginger and vodka for a refreshing summer drink. Well, there are many ways of making the mule more interesting, and one of them is adding pomegranates. Grab a copper cup and Moscow Mule Cocktail Kit from our online store and include vodka, pomegranates, mint leaves and lime. Incorporate a few pomegranates and muddle everything together. Top the whole thing with crushed ice, mint leaves and lime. That’s it! Enjoy! 2. The Lavender Lemon Drop Now for a more sophisticated spring cocktail, how about a lovely lavender lemon drop? This floral version of the famous three-ingredient citrusy cocktail is fantastic, and it’s best suited for lunch outside. You need a martini glass to make this fragrant drink, although any glass will do. In a mixing glass, add two ounces of vodka, an ounce of lemon juice and an ounce of lavender syrup (you can get this one at liquor stores and coffee shop suppliers). Shake everything with ice and pour it into your serving glass. Garnish with fresh lavender buds if possible! 3. The Radler This uncomplicated beer cocktail is the very essence of spring, and it appeals to beer lovers and cocktail enthusiasts alike. Yes, this is only lager beer and lemonade, but it’s undoubtedly larger than the sum of its parts. To make radler, bring out a pitcher and fill it with equal parts pale lager beer (or pilsner) and lemon-lime soda. Stir gently to preserve all those pretty bubbles and chill without ice in the fridge until ready to serve. You’ll love the radler, even if you’re not all that into cocktails. 4. The Grapefruit Mimosa Some of the best spring cocktails are easy to make, and that’s the case with this variation on the all-time classic, the brunch specialty known as Mimosa. We’re talking about a combination of sparkling wine and grapefruit juice. Roughly in equal parts. We’re substituting the more common orange juice for grapefruit, as the large citrus fruit has a beautiful bitterness that makes this cocktail super sophisticated. Try your grapefruit mimosa in different proportions and find the sweet spot for you. 5. The Cucumber G&T Gin is super popular right now, and the fragrant spirit is better than ever. Gin’s botanicals are compatible with spring, as they’re often floral and spicy. To make the most out of this trendy spirit, let’s pair it with its trustworthy stablemate, tonic water. And to make things more interesting, Let’s muddle a few cucumber slices to give the drink an even more refreshing personality. Muddle a few cucumber slices in the glass, pour one and a half ounces of gin and fill the glass with ice. Top with tonic water and serve. Are You Ready For Spring? With these cocktail recipes in hand, you’re more than ready to receive friends and family for the first outdoor get-togethers of the year. Enjoy the sun, the chirping birds and the floral scents permeating the air. Spring is all about taking it easy, and cocktails will help you with that, guaranteed.


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