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Case Study: Hope Chicago

When Hope Chicago hired us for the 2nd year in a row to curate 'Thank You' Gifts for their 2022 donors, we couldn't wait to say 'Yes'! This organization gives back in a HUGE way. In 2022, they awarded debt-free higher education to over 30,000 Chicago Public School graduates.

For this order, Hope Chicago provided their own branded gifts & swag; they simply needed us to make it look pretty and swiftly ship out to individual gift recipients>>>this service is called Kitting.

What was included:

Mini Polaroid Keepsake Pictures of the Celebration Day, Garrett's Popcorn (because we're from Chicago and we love popcorn!), branded lapel pin, branded mug & personalized note-card.


Our team worked hard and swiftly to curate 95 gifts in less than 1 week.

Every recipient was thrilled & received their gift on time!

To learn more about Hope Chicago, visit

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