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Charcuterie boards are sophisticated but heartwarming familiar, satisfying but still light enough not to spoil your appetite. Charcuterie is an authentic delicacy, and it’s definitely a habit you want to pick up. Mastering charcuterie boards, though, takes practice. After all, there are so many options! So, how to put together a successful charcuterie board? What are charcuterie boards all about, anyway? Here’s all you wanted to know about such a tasty tradition of cured meats and cheese. Charcuterie boards are not only one thing, but many. And you can give them your own touch, so they look and feel just what you want them to. Let’s get started!

What Is Charcuterie, Anyway? Charcuterie means ‘freshly cooked’ in French. Still, the term applies to the opposite: dry-cured meat, well-aged cheese, compotes, pâtés, sausages, and other delightful treats preserved to have long shelf lives. Salted and dry-cured meats have been enjoyed for ages going back to the Ancient Greeks, but the tradition has lived on and for a good reason. Charcuterie is delicious! It’s also the perfect partner for a get-together and long conversations amongst friends and family. Concisely, charcuterie is finger food you can just lay down on a board or platter. You can forget about having to cook for your guests, and that’s awesome!

How To Put Together a Charcuterie Board? To assemble a proper charcuterie board, there are some things to consider. The two secrets behind a successful board are variety and balance. A varied charcuterie board has different types of cured meat, whether prosciutto or serrano ham, smoked salmon or baby sausages. Having more than one item displayed at all times guarantees there’s something for everyone, and the charcuterie board never loses its charm. Cheese is also a critical element in any successful charcuterie board. Have at least a hard cheese, a soft cheese and a blue cheese, and don’t forget the crackers!

Don’t Forget About the Add-Ons! Talking about things you just can’t miss when putting together a charcuterie board, you can’t skip the add-ons. Artisan bread, a white and a multi-grain one are great additions to your board or even crackers. Olives, preserves, assorted nuts, baby corn, artichoke hearts and sardines are only a few fun ideas to turn your charcuterie board into a feast. Keep in mind you can serve charcuterie boards as a first course for a dinner party, but they can also be all there is for dinner, and that’s all right! If wholesome, no one will leave on an empty stomach.

Charcuterie Boards Brings People Together What’s most remarkable about charcuterie boards is not the food itself, but what they do to people. They bring everyone together around the table and spark interesting conversations and laughter. Serve wine, beer, cider or your favorite cocktails with your board and make sure everyone is comfortable.

Who doesn’t like to be a good host? Put together a charcuterie board and call some friends over. By the way, you might want to get yourself a wooden board and the right tools for the job!


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