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The Burger Bar (Serves: 12)

The Burger Bar (Serves: 12)


Our Most Popular Bar, 'The Burger Bar' includes 9 toppings for each guest to build their own perfect burger. 


The Bar Includes:

Cooked Turkey Burger Patty, Cooked Beef Burger Patty or Cooked Impossible (Vegetarian) Burgers 

12 Full-Sized Brioche Buns 



Lettuce Shreds

Sliced White Onions

Fried Onions

Sliced Tomatoes

Giardiniera Peppers

Chedder Cheese Slices (Dairy) 



Yellow Mustard

BBQ Sauce



Things to Know:

* If you are only selecting 'The Burger Bar' as the only meal for your gathering, expect each attendee      to consume at least 1 burger for a 2-hour event.

*Your Food Bar will be Delivered in Disposable Foil Pans & Plastic Containers along with Plates, Flatware, Napkins, Serving Spoons/Tongs.

*Delivery Begins at $50 within the Chicagoland area, Please select 'Delivery' on main catering page and include: The Delivery Address, Desired Date, Time and Point of Contact.

* Prices are subject to change depending on the increase of food costs.

* Set-up with Heating Unit Kits (sternos includes) are an additional fee.

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