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Cooking At Home, Make it A Habit

If you’re like me, you don’t cook at home as often as you should, and that’s a shame! A home-cooked meal cannot be beaten — for quality, flavor and nutrition, there’s nothing like a homey meal.

The thing is, our hectic lifestyles don’t allow for enough kitchen time, and if we do have time, we often dread long cooking hours and complex recipes. So, what do we do? We order takeout or go out for dinner. Well, not anymore. Here are a few handy tips for cooking at home. See if they work for you and get cookin’!

1. Take it Easy!

Cooking doesn’t have to be overly complicated. In fact, it never should! What you need are easy meals that are both crowd-pleasing and nutritious. Is that too much to ask? It isn’t!

Think of easy meals with the essential elements of a meal combined, carbs, veggies and proteins. Bolognese pasta, for example. And the same goes for stir-fried rice and noodles! These one-pot dishes are the easiest way of getting back into the kitchen and prep meals for your loved ones in less than an hour. Other easy meals include casseroles, burgers, fajitas, chili or stews, the sky’s the limit!

2. Go high tech.

Having a good repertoire of easy recipes definitely helps, but so does making good use of a few appliances. Slow cookers, air fryers and instant pots are incredibly powerful and your best friend when you want to cook at home, but you don’t have much time.

We all have one of these appliances around, probably still in its original box. Why not use them? And if you still don’t own one of these handy gadgets, get one and use it! The air fryer will let you cook crispy food with minimum oil, and a slow cooker will basically cook for you the heartiest and tastiest meals.

3. Get Everyone to Help Out!

Cooking might seem like a chore, but it really isn’t, especially when you get some help. Cooking is never a one-person job, so get everyone to help, even the small ones! There’s a job fun- and safe-enough for the entire family, from chopping veggies to rolling pasta dough for hand-crafted fettuccine!

Cooking at home as a family is tons of fun. Besides, you’ll save some money, eat healthier and spend more time with your loved ones. That’s a win-win in my books, so try to order your meals less often, stock that fridge and pantry and cook at home.

Let’s All Cook at Home More Often

Let’s make a deal, let’s all cook at home more often and treat ourselves on the weekends with something nice. After all, eating out is much more rewarding when you earn it — and visiting your favorite restaurants is a great inspiration for you to keep perfecting your weekly meal plan!

Now, if you really want to treat yourself, check out our foodie gift boxes. There’s something for you if you enjoy baking, mixing drinks, brewing tea and more!

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