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Summer Cuisines, What’s For Dinner?

Summer is a great time to put on your foodie hat. Our sister company Haus of Experiences offers Summer Culinary Experiences at your location; we bring everything to you! Some of the tastiest foods on the calendar are best suited for the warmest months of the year and we'll provide it for you. There are just certain foods that taste better in summer, and we yearn for them all year long!


Here’s what summer cuisines look like around the world. You’ll be surprised to see many similarities in how we all treat ourselves to the tastiest meals when it’s hot outside. What do you cook in summer? We’d love to know to enhance our Experiences!

. Summer Cuisines in Europe Europe is pretty up north, so people here make the most out of the few warm months they get every year. This is time for festivals in the UK, including the famous Dorset Seafood Festival, where freshly shucked oysters are the specialty. Of course, you’ll also find the best fish and chips in the world. Cold soups are the norm in summer in Spain, including the rich, tomato-based gazpacho. And Italians spend summer enjoying cantaloupes and zucchini along with delectable, cured meats like prosciutto. And don’t forget, all berries are in season during summer!

. Summer Cuisines of Latin America People everywhere in Latin America spend summer dining outside. Argentina is famous for its asados, grilled meat extravaganzas cooked over burning embers. Mexico also has deep grilling traditions, and every piece of grilled meat, chicken or sausage becomes a hearty taco. If you’re in Peru, summer is the time for a refreshing ceviche, especially on the coast. Of course, seafood is widely represented in summer everywhere, from Chile and Brazil to Uruguay. During summer, vibrant fruit-based cocktails and thirst-quenching lager beers are also prevalent in Latin America. Put on some Latin music, and you’re all set!

. Summer Cuisines of Asia Perhaps the most exciting summer dishes come from Asia. Thailand has its refreshing and slightly spicy papaya salad. Koreans go out for their unique barbecue, where short ribs are king. There’s nothing more refreshing than a Vietnamese spring roll, and even the Japanese make the most out of summer with their pickled cucumbers and cold sushi. People in warmer Southeast Asia keep their cool with shaved ice flavored with endless combinations. A cold glass of tea is customary elsewhere to stay comfortable during the warmest summer days. Asia is a fantastic continent to be in during summer, that’s for sure.


Summer Cuisines of North America

Summer is an authentic celebration in the US, especially for Juneteenth and the 4th of July weekend! Sweet bell peppers are in season, which means sizzling fajitas in Arizona, Texas and New Mexico, all states with extraordinary grilling traditions.

Ripe berries and peaches mean that millions of families make pie during summer, the ultimate dessert for get-together's by the grill. But with all the outdoor activities and festivals during summer, you’ll find everything to eat in every corner of the country, from hot dogs and burgers to lobster. Of course, everyone has their favorite summer meal!


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