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Shipping Food Gifts, Handling Your Favorite Treats with Care

Have you ever bought something online? Of course you have. How was your experience? For some, buying online is easy, and they have never had any issues. For others, it has been a nightmare.

So, what goes on behind the curtains? Well, shipping stuff is a bit harder than you think, especially when it comes to food. At Boxed Expressions, we’ve learned a few things about sourcing, handling and shipping food in gift boxes to our beloved customers, so here’s what we’ve learned. Shipping food gifts, how to do it?

Can You Ship Food Yourself?

Shipping food as a gift is our passion and business, and we started just like everyone else — looking for something tasty for a friend. It turned out to be more complicated than we thought!

For starters, food is not an ordinary product; it’s not like you’re buying a cellphone charger. Food is perishable and more delicate than you think. Then, of course, there’s the quality. Not everything you read online is true, and items are never what they seem. You can’t even trust online reviews!

Finally, there’s the cost of shipping goods. If you want to buy a gift for a friend, and let’s say you want to add various items to the gift as a lovely, assorted box, then you must pay for the shipping and handling of every item! It just doesn’t work.

How to Buy Several Items and Save on Shipping?

For large orders from different places worldwide, there’s no easy way to save on shipping. The answer to all your (and our) problems is finding a reliable gift box supplier that sources nice things and puts them together in a neatly arranged gift box. There aren’t many such businesses around, so we’ve put together our own.

Trust me, sourcing quality food, pretty items, lovely cookbooks, kitchen tools, nice teas and spices is no easy feat. You must buy a whole bunch to make it worthwhile, and quality matters, so there’s no room for cutting corners.

Then you arrange everything, organize thoughtful gift boxes and put them out there. How to buy a gift box? Trust in our expertise! Choose your favorite items or pick one of our curated gift boxes that are more than a bunch of stuff — they’re authentic experiences.

Shipping Gift Boxes Around the Country

Sending a gift box with the most exquisite selection of sweet and savory treats to a friend or loved one is easy, and it’s free, too! At Boxed Expressions, we offer free shipping in all gift boxes. We also provide next-day delivery!

A gift is never just a gift; it’s saying you care, and that matters to us. Worry not about the handling and shipping of your gift box; it will arrive in pristine condition, beautifully arranged to bring a smile to your loved one’s face!

Well, that’s all we can tell you about our experience buying, handling and shipping gift boxes. Needless to say, a job done right is gratifying! So, let us help you show your affection nationwide!

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