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    Jam in a Cocktail??? Yes, come on, just try it & we promise you will love it!

    Jam Cocktails

    Makes 2 Cups

    2 oz. Maker's Mark Bourbon

    Squeeze of Fresh Lemon Juice (only if making for Strawberry Chipotle & Fig Jam Cocktail)

    1 Tbl. Jam (*Strawberry Chipotle & Jam or Smoked Yellow Peach)

    *1 Cocktail Kit

    Brut Sparkling Champagne


    1 Strawberry, halved or 1 Peach, sliced

    Sprig of Mint Leaf

    1. Divide and pour all ingredients, except Champagne into 2 chilled martini glasses, mix well.

    2. Top off glasses with Champagne.

    3. Garnish w/ fruit & mint. Enjoy!

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