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Closing Gifts in the Real Estate market make last impressions and assist in building referrals...It's an Investment! Real Estate Agents are very busy sourcing the perfect home for their clients so the last thing that they need is time wasted to look for and wrap the perfect gift; that's where Boxed Expressions comes in!

Closing on a Home is a BIG DEAL for many so don't let your client walk away empty handed. Check out one of our latest Curated Gift Boxes - The Celebration. Why is this gift perfect? This gift speaks directly to the client by delighting them with something THEY can Experience & Enjoy! Branded gifts are okay but nothing is better than a practical gift along with a little eye-candy! A candle to freshen up the New Home while Enjoying a cup of Confetti Tea.

*We can customize the Gift Box by incorporating your logo onto the gift tag. Contact us for more information!

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