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    10 Min. Prep, All Vegetables, No Preservatives & Super Delish! Add this to your favorite taco, use as a sauce for pasta or even use to dip your favorite veggies!

    All-Purpose Veggie Cream Sauce

    Makes 2 Cups

    1 Avocado

    1 Cup Diced Cucumber

    1/2 Cup Cilantro

    1/2 Jalapeno Pepper

    Juice of 1 Lime

    1 Tbl. Red Wine Vinegar

    1/2 Cup Water

    Salt, to taste

    1. Toss all ingredients (except salt and reserve a pinch of cilantro) inside blender cup.

    2. Blend until you reach a smooth consistency.

    3. Add salt to taste.

    4. Blend again, pour into bowl and enjoy!